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Pink Sissy Bralette 2pc Set Thong Crop Top

Pink Sissy Bralette 2pc Set Thong Crop Top

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Alternative Intentions is proud to finally announce the arrival of the first ever SISSY branded line of designer bikinis, lingerie and under garment sports wear for the active Sissy and modern JOS and Beta Boys. 

Designed in Hollywood California by renowned fashion designer Stescher Von Jenfeldhausen with simplicity, style and comfort in mind.

This two-piece LGBT Sports Crop Top and Sexy Thong Cut Back Bottom is Silky to the Touch with an Elastic Band engraved with the letters SISSY in the front going all the way around the bottom waste, and across the bottom of the Crop Top.

Perfect to wear all day long as underwear and made from comfortable materials while providing a stylish fashion flare for all Little Sissy and Jos Beta Boys.

Wear your Sissy status Proudly with Alternative Intentions new line of high quality branded apparel.


SISSY - JOS - Beta Boy - Jack Of Spades - CD - TS - Ladyboy