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QOS - Custom - Sexy  Waterbased Tattoos

QOS - Custom - Sexy Waterbased Tattoos

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You can customize unto your fetish's taste. Remember, sensual expression is key to your lovely pleasure. Whatever color,logo,symbol that you choose it can be used as a tattoo. For those creative, Swingers, Cuckolds, Cuckqueans, Queen of Spades, AG's, Pillow Princesses, Sissies, Trans, Jack of Spades, Tops, Bottoms, Sluts, Hotwives, etc.


Water Based Temporary Removable Tattoos

Our products meet or exceed all requirements and standards of FDA, CPSC, ASTM and all Canadian & European Union standards for importation of products designed for dermal contact. 

1.5 in. by 1.5 in. size

Available in various quantities.