Anklets ❀ A Sensual Expression

Anklets ❀ A Sensual Expression

This is also a fetish; psychologically there is a desire to express sexual orientation with articles of jewelry. It has been around for decades with excavations brought into the public ear to see. Anklets worn symbolize not only sexual orientation, fetishes, but wealth, & fashion.

The oldest records of jewelry is of ancient Sumeria there is historical evidence of wearing not only anklets but toe rings,finger rings, & bracelets. One theory is that when the wife wore these anklets & bracelets it showed how wealthy her husband was. Some other early expressions of anklets were in South East Asia & in the Middle East On both ankles wearing anklets was considered feminine & very sensual, With a chain that modified their strut to create a balletic stride. Even in those times sensual expression was dearly beloved.

Now in America, this sensual voice had been heard in the 50's & 70's.
It became accustomed to the bohemian style, by the woman of the "hippie"
era of Eros. They were searching for freedom of expression in every way
that they can, being that the subject matters were not heavily biased, nor
pro this gender over masking the youth of sensuality of that time.

As far as which ankle to sport sexy anklets on is totally up to your lovely
eclectic pallet of art. Wear you place it or what metal, color wording does not
have to necessarily determine your sexuality, but that is also fetish to do so.
There aren't any rules, as you make up your own sensual rules.

Anklet Etiquette in written simplistic lipstick. Remember regardless of this etiquette
you have the right to expression your own perspective on sensual beauty.

If your anklet is gold, it is fitting that mature ladies sport it, & young ladies
for more special occasions as gold is considered a luxurious precious metal. It makes chronological sense, as gold historically has been seen sexier than silver so one would model it at a more elegant event. She/he can wear it with heels, wedges, classic pumps,no shoes, with his or her lovely complexion holding a contrasting lust to that of the gold anklet.

If your anklet is silver, it is fitting for young ladies & mature women. The lust of the silver thrives within the harmony of her strut, muralized make up plus alluring complexion. It may be worn with flats, sandals , black heels/ wedges on a night out,or banquet as the lighting of a room, gives the silver room to illuminate. It compliments bohemian styles as well as casual looks. Left or right ankle? It depends how you want your sensual look to look.

If your anklet is black, it depends on the color scheme you are feeling that day. As black represents dominance, you can wear it with any thing that has sensual space for your anklet, pencil dress, mini skirt, leggings etc, use your imagination when creating an outfit to your loving. As far as what heels, wedges, or classic pumps to wear, it has to either compliment the anklet, or illuminate it with contrast.

If your anklet is a charm anklet, it depends on the color of the charm, & metallic properties or gleam of the charm, & bracelet. Again it still depends on the color scheme, & I am statement of your outfit for a particular evening, day or night. Your expression is key to you, these guidelines are not here to solidify a style into you, but encompass what your fetish is, so that you are comfortable expressing it; reassurance is sometimes better than over expression.

You can emphasize your sensuality with any article of clothing, rules are made by others or the widely accepted artistic viewpoint on "how something should look" on a person. It is totally up to you. Experiment, & find out what you like. If you can find out how you love to orgasm, you can certainly figure out what you like to wear.

We are contiguously making updates to our blogs, if you have any calm suggestions feel free to comment or message us in an email with a subject title of "Anklets Blog". Until then stay sexy my Loves, it is a lifestyle not a habit.


Amber S. Von Liebe

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