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QOS - Cursive Vixen Chain Fetish Bracelet

QOS - Cursive Vixen Chain Fetish Bracelet

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Represented by the figure X in the cursive Vixen in its center, the X symbol is everlasting of the XXX desires.

Created by Americans to name the endless lust of a totally gorgeous and amazing woman like a female fox, the use of sexual lurid connotations “X" represents the idea of a value, foremost larger than any other – it is never-ending. By design, one can be endlessly hot and sexy in the eyes of the other gender. Let the cursive Vixen speak to unconditional sex appeal and lust in your life with no end in sight. A promise of intense desire that is coming out of your pores.  This unique piece of fashion jewelry is the ultimate accessory to promote your sexual status.  Wear it proudly and fashionably.