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QOS - Cursive I LOVE (HEART ❤) BBC Chain Fetish Bracelet

QOS - Cursive I LOVE (HEART ❤) BBC Chain Fetish Bracelet

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The I (HEART) ❤ BBC stares back at the world of horny bulls. It's a provocative symbol that dates back to the years of forced servitude as the Mandingos were used as a sexual satisfactory objects for white mistresses - an unblinking emblem toward misfortune of the lack of sex.

Inspired by the traditional BBC emblem (meaning Big Black Cock), this color infusion of black & white symbols sparkles with silver glitter in the eyes of admirers.

Wear the I LOVE BBC as a talisman charm and carry its energy with you. Get all the BBC your hot body can handle since now your promoting your true intentions without even speaking.